Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taste the differences.

No more curi2 makan ice-cream..
No more makan makanan lebihan orang yang tak habis..
No more minum air sedap2 yang terlebih buat kat Barista..
No more curi2 amek sambal belacan kat kitchen..
No more cubit2 kek dan brownies..
No more tips from customer..
No more sakit hati or sakit kaki..
No more kena marah even it is not your fault (oke, baiklah.customer is always right kan..)
No more laughing2 with the really sporting staff..
No more borak2 and gurau2 with lesbo n aww aww..
Just no more!
Gonna miss those moments.
Being one of them..makes me realizes and appreciate my life.
oke, saya akan cuba jadi customer yang memahami..
Ringan mulut menyebut 'thank you' dan senyum..
yea.. this word is really powerful.
It makes them ( me as well) doesn't feel like a servant :))

what's next?
mau coba jadi yang lain..
I just wanna try to be macam2!
Because in this world, there are many things you should discover it yourself
and the tastes different between the characters.
Try to be in their shoes even just in a second.. :)


Jαnnαhツ said...

i don't know la but i don't think all restaurants think customers are right. i used to be treated badly by a waitress and she didn't even bother to say sorry even though it was her fault. just giving my own review...

DedeknOm said...

hehe.u're right jannah..
memang ada sstgh waitress yg nmpak rude..n xreti nk mntak maaf. tp xpela..just assume dorg tgh badmood n ade mslh peribadi.huaa~ but spposedly, waitress kne fhm tugas dgn baik. senyum sgt pntg wlau kne marah skalipun.. :)